Compact Flash adapter for Visor

I am developing Compact Flash adapter and its driver for Handspring Visor.
Currently, only wireless communication card sold in Japan works on Visor.
This card is named 'P-in Comp@ct', and NTT DoCoMo (Japanese wireless telecommunication company) sells it.
The original design is based on Mr. Toyozou's idea. This work is done as my hobby.


This is a Springboard-CF bridge adapter board.

Because Springboard slot is very similar to PCMCIA in respect of mechanical and electrical specification, I bought and disassembled a PCMCIA-CF adapter card and used its inner board as my base board. Some modifications must be done to this board to add Springboard-CF bridge function.
The case is available from some company shown in Handspring's developer page.

This is the modified inner board. A decorder circuit using 74HC00 and 74HC04 is added and upper and lower bytes are swapped, and address bus shifting etc. are done.


Software/Driver are based on HandSpring's sample code DiagRefModulel(1.00).

CardSetup Application: According to the specification of Springboard, this application must be installed in the flash ROM on the Springbaord. It will launch automatically when the board is inserted, and the driver is automatically installed. But curretly my board doesn't have flash ROM, so it is installed in RAM. The application must be manually executed, and then the driver for the wireless communication card is installed.

Card! Application: This application must be also installed in the flash ROM on the Springboard. Using this application, you can specify whether to use the serial port on the Springboard for hot-sync or other connection.

HandTerm Application: A serial terminal program for testing.

A screen shot of the Card! application.
You can choose if you use serial port on springboard or not for each mode.
Check 'All Others' to connect to the internet using CF wireless communication card.

To coneect to the internet, you must setup preferences in Visor(Modem and Network) . That's all.

How to make the Hardware

The inner board is made by modifying PCMCIA-CF adapter card on market.

How to make the Software

The driver and application software are based on Handspring's sample code DiagRefModule(1.00). I used gcc development environment.
Currently , the software are not reliable and not practical. I should add GUI for Setup (Driver Install/Uninstall) Application, prepare debug routines for some troubles, and so on. These are not still at a developmental stage and not ready for public release.

Other Project

I'm trying to develop CF Flash Memory Card (FAT file system) Driver and some application.
If you can and you want to develop such a driver, please contact me.

This is the result of a test application for CF.
This shows flash memory card's attribute memory. The string 'SunDisk' can be read.

This application is based on Handspring's sample code 'SerialDiag'.

This work is done as my hobby, so I don't manufacture nor sell this adapter now. But I hope to do so in the future.

Thanks to

Mr. Toyozou for technical advice.
Mr. Taki for checking my english web pages.

Copyright and Responsibility

Copyright(C) 2000 TTRMKR. All rights reserved.
The content of this web page is provided "AS IS" without warranty of any kind.
By attaching your own Springboard to your Visor may cause damage to theVisor and you may void its warranty.

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